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3D Tilt-a-World ignites a revolution in mobile gaming
New camera-based motion control technology brings joystick-like control to 3D gaming

SUNNYVALE, CA – November 6, 2006 – GestureTek Mobile, a division of GestureTek Inc., the world leader in computer vision gesture-based control for information and entertainment systems, and the inventor of the EyeMobile® Engine, announced today the release of TiltaWorld’s EyeMobile® enabled 3D Tilt-a-World game for Verizon VCAST mobile phones.  The game was conceived of and fundeds by TiltaWorld LLC, and developed and published by Super Happy Fun Fun, Inc.  This is the world’s first 3D mobile game that utilizes the camera to enable motion controlled gaming, overcoming the cumbersome and non-intuitive button presses of conventional interfaces.  3D Tilt-a-World’s easy-to-learn/hard-to-master innovative game play uses camera controlled navigation, and has a 3D playfield with multi-tiered levels of maze-like paths, puzzles, and gems. The game play hits all demographics, and is the first game to truly exploit features unique to camera phones.  Any game action can be controlled, naturally and intuitively, with a simple tilt of the phone.

3D Tilt-a-World offers several polygonal mazes for the game player to roll through. Passing check-points and rolling under spinners to collect gems, deadly falls, and vanishing borders provide a series of challenges in this race against time.

The early response to 3D Tilt-a-World has been tremendous, and it has been selected by Qualcomm as a finalist in the "Best Up and Coming Application" category for the BREW 2006 Developer Awards, as well as being nominated for the 2006 International Mobile Gaming Awards.

“When we first started this project two years ago, we saw the opportunity to use gestural control to take mobile gaming to a new, intuitive level of fun and simplicity,” said Robert Goodale, co-founder of TiltaWorld LLC.  “Using GestureTek technology, Tilt delivers on that promise.” 

 In its review of this exciting new game, IGN says: “3D Tilt-a-World is pretty much the epitome of one-button gaming, but the tilt action offers a lot of control without needing to memorize complicated button combos. It's instantly accessible, but it requires a light touch to get the most out of it…. If you're looking for a unique action-puzzler, 3D Tilt-a-World is a great download”.

“GestureTek’s EyeMobile® engine technology provides the type of novel hook that drives popular, casual game titles,” said Mark Stephen Pierce CEO of Super Happy Fun Fun, and 3D Tilt-a-World’s designer.  “Having a simple, accessible and unique feature that sparks initial interest and is intuitive and central to the action of the title is a real win and helped us stand out among other mobile 3D offerings,” continues Pierce,  “Disruptive control technologies like EyeMobile® will be the driving force behind the more popular games in the coming years.”

GestureTek’s patented Video Gesture Control technology, used in the development of 3D Tilt-a-World, has also been licensed on other platforms by industry leaders such as Microsoft, for its XBOX 360 Gaming Console Live Vision Camera, Sony Computer Entertainment, for its PlayStation2™ EyeToy™, and Hasbro, for its Playskool ION Educational Gaming System.  It is now available to game and application producers as a BREW developer tool. The EyeMobile®-ENGINE uses the device’s camera to seamlessly deliver real-time motion control, just by tilting the phone.  Unlike costly and limiting hardware-based sensors (such as gyros), the BREW EyeMobile®-ENGINE is a pure software solution, readily and seamlessly delivered over the air to developers  as a BREW extension.

“We are thrilled at the early market response to the launch and release of the very first 3D motion controlled game for camera phones.  3D Tilt-a-World is the ideal game to showcase the ease-of-use of the EyeMobile® Engine,”  says Bill Leckonby, CEO of GestureTek.

About Super Happy Fun Fun
Established in 2001, Super Happy Fun Fun, Inc. is 100% focused on the development and deployment of Mobile Games and Applications.  SHFF has extensive experience in building and launching profitable products on multiple platforms with leading partners across hundreds of mobile devices.  SHFF designs and engineers top quality intellectual properties, and is constantly developing and delivering innovative technologies that appeal to the broadest possible markets.  3D TILT-A-WORLD is SHFF’s first self-published title.  Mobile titles with other publishers include: ACE YETI TRAPPER, SIMON, POKER SUPERSTARS, SLINGO, DARK CASTLE, DOGTOWN, NFL QUARTERBACK SHOWDOWN, 1942, GHOSTS and GOBLINS and WHAC-A-MOLE 2. For more information please visit:,

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About GestureTek
GestureTek is the world leader in computer vision for gesture based control of information and entertainment systems and displays. GestureTek’s gesture recognition technology is employed in a wide array of applications and environments, where the user is either stepping on or into interactive floor or wall projections, pointing at a display from any distance, or having their real-time actual video image immersed on the screen.  Public installations and kiosks appear in multiple markets: museums, science centers, military control rooms, location based entertainment facilities, retail locations, physical rehabilitation programs, interactive floors or windows, and interactive billboards.  Consumer applications include those on the home PC, console gaming, toys, and mobile devices.  GestureTek headquarters are in Sunnyvale, California, with additional offices in Toronto, Ottawa and New York. For information and/or a DVD or video, contact GestureTek at 416-340-9290.

About TiltaWorld LLC
TiltaWorld LLC, the owner and executive producer of 3D Tilt-a-World, is dedicated to the creation of gesture-controlled digital entertainment.  Based in New York City, its owners have many years of experience in the music, film and online entertainment worlds, and look forward to ongoing involvement in this area.  For further information, e-mail Robert Goodale at or visit

GestureTek technologies have international patent protection. U.S patents include 5,534,917 (Video image based control system), 7,058,204 (Multiple camera control system), 7,227,526 (3D-vision image control system), 7,379,563 (Bi-manual movement tracker) and 7,379,566 (Optical flow-based tilt sensor). EyeMobile® is protected under patent TMA 700,194 with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for "mobile device application software featuring gesture recognition technology."

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